Two young men came in, one left; another round of tea, talk, gossip and guffaw; one left, three walked in. Vinod made some more tea and Fakhru gave the update on the inbox as well as the Cricket match. Sometime the group sits out in the front lawn, sometime in the parlour but the talk never ends…

Many have walked in and out of these doors. The man who inspires and sustains these unending discussions does not pose to be a great mandarin of social development. But the fact remains that these chats have shaped many a minds and initiatives in Uttarakhand and beyond..

Historians, like Prof Harari of Jerusalem University, believe that one decisive factor, which ensured Homo sapiens’ ultimate victory over brawny, bigger brained (but socially inept) Neanderthals seventy thousand years ago, was sapiens’ capacity to gossip: exchange social bits of useful information (link).

May we take the liberty to say that a similar kind of cognitive revolution is needed today in social sector? Sharing of information, across “party” lines and to creative purposes? This is what Cyril has been doing for many many years now. Having ourselves been a  witness and beneficiary of many such marathon sessions, we hope that HD will continue this “evolutionary” task and you will be reading about such initiatives right here…soon!

Team HD

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