(Cyril has been writing widely on deeper issues of social development. We offer some of his thoughts here for “practitioners” to mull over. Keep checking this space for more. Editor)

Back to the Drawing Board – If in the context of recent tragedy in Uttarakhand, you reflect on what has been said in this document, you may agree on how important it will be to internalize and act on the sentiments expressed some while ago. (link)

Living in a Life Boat – Digging deeper in the desk, we came across a lecture, which Cyril could not deliver in person and which was sent out as a document in 2009. It talks about our collective future and the inevitable conclusion: we must change our values- not just technology- in order to survive. He projects a powerful imagery of our predicament- living in a lifeboat, afloat on an ocean of pollution! (link)

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  1. sheikhfakhru says:

    That 18 point agenda is pretty comprehensive, me thinks..

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