Major objectives of HD are:

1.  Creating a mandate, a platform, an atmosphere for innovation & experimentation.
2.  Provide an opportunity for smaller, more dynamic organizations to operate in the larger arena.
3.  Give organizations the space and freedom to spread their wings & not be bogged down with survival issues / activities
4.  Change the dynamics and economics of the development sector for the donor agencies as well as the NGOs on the ground.  Interface with government, private sector and donor agencies on behalf of all partners.
5.  Bring national and international bodies and their projects closer to the intended recipients by creating a new level of management and communication infrastructure.
6.  Act as a Human Resource Development organization for the region.
7.  Serve as a catalyst for constant innovation, best practices and a conduit for new ideas.
8.  Provide “single window” services of a communication centre that can consolidate efforts of a wide range of issues spread over a vast region and facilitate a two way flow of information.
9. Further to the above main objectives the Trust may also undertake the following objects.
10. Run educational institutions solely for educational purposes and not for purposes of profit.
11. Dissemination of knowledge in all fields by conducting classes – formal and non-formal, Seminars, Courses, Lectures, Exhibitions, Audio-Visual, Pamphlets, Periodicals, Internet, Multi-media etc.
12. Carry out all charitable activities including relief of poor, education, medical relief and advance of any other objective of general public utility.
Your feedback in this journey with HD will always be very important to us ….

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