Watsan- a new initiative

watsanarea.pngTHT will be implementing a watsan project in next 18 months, in District Pithoragarh. We had a orientation meeting in THT office with the potential team on 29th September and hope to kick it off by first week of October 2016. Here are some salient details:

—Period : 18 Months (October, 2016 to March 2018)
Villages: 6 (1 New Scheme and 5 for Augmentation)
—100 % Sanitation Coverage (Part of Convergence – Govt. and the Community)

The approach is different: all the three phases (planning, implementation, O&M) are telescoped in one 18 month phase: they can run parallel and need not depend on a serial approach, as in the old schemes. This is certainly an advantage – and challenge too. But we thing it is MORE of an opportunity in the long run, for THT and the local community. Wish us all the best, please!

PS: A special opportunity is: Ropad village will be getting Water scheme for the first time since independence. Water schemes to many other villages have passed through this village in the past but Ropad itself was never a beneficiary of a water scheme.

(Source: Dr Watson leaked this to Mr Holmes!)
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