Tilu Rauteli for Pushpa Chauhan

Our Pushpa Chauhan who is a Executive Council Member in The Himalaya Trust (THT), was awarded the Tilu Rauteli for Uttarkashi District on the occasion of International Women’s Day – March 8, 2016. The award is given to outstanding women from diverse fields. Pushpa is the current Ganeshpur Pradhan and a social activist inspiring local women over the past several years. IMG_20160309_112935521_HDR

About Himalayan Desk

We welcome you to bring this exciting prospect to a peer network that is committed to continuous learning, and by adding our stories to her foundations – as also celebrating the power of social entrepreneurs to ultimately inspire others in an ever expanding network for a peaceful, prosperous and sustainable world. This blog cum website is a work in progress. While we are populating other pages, Updates is the page which reflects unfolding events and reports from the field. It is also the page, to which you too can contribute your opinion and news. We plan to create a rich blog, representing the diversity of life and opinion in the Himalayas. Please let us know if you wish to contribute anything, so that we can send you an author invitation- or just email it to us at infohimalayandesk@gmail.com
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