Sadan Misra

Sadan Mishra is a Gandhian social worker, who has been the part of the Sarvodayi movement in the mountains. He has also welcomed and participated in the “project based development” in Garud valley in Kumaon. He had had the opportunity to serve Sarla Behan at Lakshmi Ashram in Kausani (link).

He set up the Parvatiya Paryavaran Sanrakshan Samiti, an environmental society, at Dharamgarh for Sarala Behn, and also ran the Berinag Gram Swarajya Mandal at Kandey (Pithoragarh) for Bhotiya Livelihoods for her for more than three decades. That is where he developed deep insights in to sheep rearing and wool weaving as traditional livelihood for mountain communities.

Sadan discusses many issues of social importance: Wool and Pine Resin, the two industries, which could have supported revival of small scale / cottage industry in Uttarakhand are ailing due to state indifference and myopic policies. Charkha, could be the center-pin of a great revival, IF the state had considered technological improvements in it.

His three priorities are:
1. Anti liquor movement.
2. State departments should go in an enterprising mode, raise their own sustenance to some extent and stop being such a huge burden on the public exchequer and
3. Revival of traditional livelihoods in the mountains. For thousands of tribal families, especially in the border regions, it was a way of life and a great livelihood support. Besides, it made them self-reliant in the matter of clothing and covering.

His pet peeve is: People who have no grasp of the issues are making policies and issuing orders – and those who do, have NO say in these matters!

He can be contacted at : had this discussion with sachin on 30th Nov 2014 in Garud. HD thanks him sincerely.)


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